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About Us

Welcome to Austrian Air Force®!

My story began with a childhood dream. Even as a small boy, I was fascinated by helicopters and knew that one day I would become a pilot.

My name is Stefan Auer, born in Werfenweng in the County of Salzburger and managing director of
Austrian Air Force® Aeronautical Fashion.

Stefan Auer military pilot

My path into the cockpit was not easy. As the third of four children, I grew up in a hospitality business that offered the opportunity to take over my parents' business. But my heart beat for aviation!

Cockpit Hercules

Initially, I decided to learn the profession of toolmaker and machine fitter at Emco in Hallein. After my military service in the Schwarzenberg barracks, I became a non-commissioned officer and trainer. But the dream of flying always remained in my head. Since flight training costs a lot of money, I left the army to earn the capital I needed as a technician abroad.

In 2003 my dream became reality! I started my private helicopter training in Graz.

The path to military aviation began selection and subsequent helicopter training in Langenlebarn in 2006. In 2009 I came to Hörsching and flew the AB 212 at home and abroad until 2017.

Another milestone In my career as a pilot I switched to ÖAMTC air rescue, where I have been able to work as a “Yellow Angel” since 2017.


As a part-time job and together with my partner, I founded a textile company in 2008, which to this day supplies various companies and public institutions throughout Austria with textiles and promotional items.

The Brand Austrian Air Force®, which we have protected across Europe, was created in 2016. Our company grew continuously over the years and in 2020 we were able to open our new company building, which is south of the Runway 08/26 Airbase Zeltweg.

Become part of our story and discover our Products from
Austrian Air Force®.

Every piece carries passion and commitments former military pilot in himself!
Together we can celebrate and proudly carry the spirit of Austrian military aviation.

Thank you for being part of our journey!

Your Austrian Air Force® Team


Stefan Auer & Petra Rinössl

Petra and Stefan at the Airshow Airpower
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